Moses & Shelly Spearchief

Excellent service.  We really appreciate the friendly welcoming service.  We get nervous going to places fearful we will get taken advantage of.  We look forward to working with you in the care of our vehicles

George Crisfield

Word of mouth is out and about in Lethbridge on the quality of your service and the fairness of your prices.  E.G. Your cost to switch tires from summer to winter is $90 less than quote from another business in this city.  Also your senior discount is being broadcast by me.  I will continue to spread the good news to those I know.

Trace Belter

I had parts for a full brake job, you could have easily charged me the full rate and not let me know my back brakes did not need replacing and they were 50% worn.  Your integrity is commendable.  Thanks for your honesty and great service.  I will be back.  Thanks for saving me money!!

Gerald & Margaret Brewin

Thank you so much from both of us for keeping us safe on the road, for your good humour and great professional courtesy.  We will remember you all for this excellent service.  Also a compliment on a beautiful modern office area with “modern art”.  Thank you all once again.

Doreen Dannatt

Just a thank you for all the frustrations & work you did on my car.  It is running beautifully now. Thank you for letting me enjoy my independence & keeping me safe on the road.  You have always been so good to us.


This was such an incredibly experience!  Harold’s Auto has restored my faith in the world – they really understand how to treat their customers well.

Vern & Gwen

I find your business to be of high integrity.  You have a quote and we don’t pay or or less than what you quoted.  You guys will have our business always & forever.

Ann & Alyssa

Great service, couldn’t ask for better people to fix our car.  I was able to ask any question I wanted.  Thanks for the wonderful experience.  I would recommend you to anyone.

Sheldon Solomon

Excellent reputation & service!  I will always use Harold’s Auto for my family’s automotive needs.  Thank you!  Professional & excellent customer care & service!

Renske Vogt

Thank you all so much for always being so kind, and so patient whenever I bring my vehicle in for servicing.  Your service is excellent, and as a single woman it is so comforting to know that I will never be taken advantage of.  You are very much appreciated.  Hope your enjoy the treats with your coffee today