Trent Takeyasu

When I brought my Toyota Highlander with a leaking front differential, they suggested a $200 fix instead of the $1700 one I was expecting!  They always go the extra mile for their customers!

Jeff Kwon

Brought my vehicle since dealership couldn’t find/narrow it down then the issue happened again.  Ken took quite a bit of notes when I told him what happened, gave me an ETA + Diagnosis charge estimate as well.  Then Harold’s found the issue and fixed as promised.  Another issue that I was concerned with couldn’t be replicated, so it was fine.  The kindness and even finding potential issues to warn the customer, indicates the work value of the shop.  Thank you.

Danica Brown

Wowzersssssssss 5/5!!!   Super satisfied with the service at Harold’s Auto Service.  I will most definitely be back for future vehicle servicing.  Staff are super friendly! Thanks for the awesome service!

Margaret Baldwin

When I had the issues with my battery, Harold’s checked it out and found it was something else. They called me first before any work was done which I appreciated.  The work was completed as was needed and my car is now working well so I do not worry that it will not start in the cold weather.

Maurice Manyfingers

Harold’s Auto employees are very friendly, accommodating and helpful for the customers that they serve. (Travel circumstance meant that) I had to leave my vehicle for a while….they did not hassle or pressure me at all.

Marlene Armstrong

I always appreciate your service and your friendliness.  As a widow and a senior I’m grateful knowing that I can feel comfortable coming in whether it’s just for an oil change or any concern I might have.  Thank you so much.

HSB Productions

As always the service and quality was excellent.  The staff was very receptive and friendly, and always make you feel welcomed like family.  Thank you so much.