Evelyn Parsons

Thank you – a simple phrase with few words but behind them a world of appreciation to all of you at Harold’s.  You take the time to be honest with your customers and to treat everyone with the utmost respect. There is a warm ambiance in your building and a comfortable feeling!  Thank you for keeping me safe on the road!  Sincerely….

Amanda Carpenter

The best service I’ve received from an auto shop!  All the staff were very helpful and extremely nice.  They explained what was going on with my vehicle down to the smallest detail.  Definitely the place to go for your vehicle needs.

Ben Larson

We’ve been taking our vehicles to Harold’s for years and they make us feel like family every time we come in.  They are very honest with us on what needs to be done right away and what can wait.  We were very sad to hear of Brian’s sudden passing and wish all their employees the very best.  Always great service, we will be customer for life.


I am so glad that I have found your shop here in town.  I feel as comfortable with your shop as I did in my younger years taking it to a shop with mechanics which I grew up with and trusted.  Thank you!!

Mark Boschee

Great service and always accommodating.  Harold’s creates a trusting atmosphere; an important objective in a business where many consumers have limited knowledge.